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Dream Interpretation, Astrology
Dream Interpretation, AstrologyDream Interpretation, AstrologyDream Interpretation, AstrologyDream Interpretation, Astrology

The following are samples of the many positive dream affirmations
you will hear both audibly and subliminally through-out the self help dream CD.


  • The information in my dreams is valuable to remember.
  • I have positive experiences in my dreams which I'm able to remember.
  • My dream journeys reveal an exciting inner world I want to remember.
  • Remembering my dreams helps me discover deeper aspects of my inner self.
  • Because I remember my dreams I'm able to make positive transformations within myself.
  • I am able to utilize the information shown in my dreams because I'm now able to recall them.
  • Each time I fall asleep I know I'll remember the details of my journey when I awaken.
  • I have full memory of my important dreams.
  • I agree with my inner guidance that my dreams are important to remember.
  • In my dream state I'm able to access psychic impressions which I remember in my waking state.
  • I have full memory of my important dreams
  • By remembering my dreams I'm taking the first step in understanding my emotional, physical and spiritual needs.
  • When I awaken I'm aware of the feelings I had in my dreams.
  • As I go about my day more details and insight come to me about my dreams.
  • Memory of my dreams are sharp and detailed
  • I'm willing to have and remember helpful dreams.
  • When I have a deep meaningful dream I remember it easily
  • My memory is consistently clear about my dream content.
  • When I awaken my dreams are vivid in my mind.
  • I clearly and easily remember my dreams.
  • I remember details such as feelings, colors and numbers when they appear in my dreams.
  • I benefit from remembering my dreams
  • I desire to have dreams I will remember


  • Even in my deepest sleep my conscious mind is ready to help me understand the purpose of my dream
  • I receive important lessons in my dreams
  • While sleeping I'm aware that I am dreaming and take control of the dream.
  • My conscious mind is able to assist me while I am dreaming.
  • My awareness is heightened while dreaming.
  • Understanding about my life and relationships are revealed while dreaming.
  • I become aware I am dreaming while I'm in the dream state.
  • My real self is able to wake up in my dream and instruct my dreaming self
  • I am in control of my life
  • I am now creating the life I desire through dreaming
  • My mind is powerful and I have free will to control my dreams as I see fit.
  • Because I'm keeping track of my dreams from a desire to evolve, I am now able to understand the meanings of the most complex ones.
  • As I am able to awaken within my dreams I become able to awaken in my daily life.
  • It is fun for me to dream about improving myself
  • I receive answers to my most important questions through my dreams.
  • I'm inspired by the revelations I'm given in dreams.
  • When I need help my dreams show helpful possibilities for self-improvement.
  • The source of my dreaming has the power to give me clear easy to understand dreams.
  • I am open and receptive to the gifts of increased perception and the meaning of symbols in my dreams.
  • In deep sleep I'm in contact with other dimensional realities from which I receive information about my past present and future.
  • The guidance from the source if my dreams teaches me important lessons to assist in the evolution of my soul.
  • I use my dream state to heal conflicts and resolve problems.
  • Working through situations in my dreams I'm able to transform conditions in my life.
  • I more fully understand life due to the help I receive in my dreams.
  • I am open to the source of dreaming through which I will grow and evolve
  • Symbols are explained and clarified in my dreams
  • For the wisdom I receive from my dreams I am filled with gratitude
  • To my mind easily comes the true meaning of my dreams
  • I am quick to see the deeper meaning of my dreams.
  • I am enjoying the clarity of the amazing content of my dreams

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