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Dream Interpretation, Astrology

"Begin your journey by taking a long look inside your soul....I can help you find that deep place that knows who you are and who you are to become...
- Carol Cummings
Dream Interpretation, Astrology, Astrologer
Dream Interpretation, Astrology Dream Interpretation, Astrology, Astrologer Dream Interpretation, Astrology
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Dream Interpretation, Astrology, Astrologer
Dream Interpretation, Astrology, Astrologer
Dream Interpretation, Astrology, AstrologerDream Interpretation, Astrology

  Introduction to Dreams    
  About Dream Symbols .. Carol's Rates Mastering the Dreaming Mind CD
  Common Dream Symbols What Clients Say How to get YOUR Dream Interpreted!

Introduction to Dreams
Dreams are messages from our subconscious regarding issues we are facing in our lives.  They can be teaching dreams, psychic or precognitive dreams, or just sorting out dreams.  By using the combined gifts of intuition and empathy and years of training and experience, Carol will gently guide you to understanding the underlying messages behind you dreams. She provides professional insight into the meaning of your dreams. Click for detail on how to get your dream interpreted ...

Dream Interpretation, AstrologyLearning to interpret our dreams teaches us the inner workings of our mind. Dreams are a reflection of what is taking place within you. They often focus on what important things are being ignored in daily life. If an aspect of personality is suppressed it is common for dreams to center around that very issue-even creating confusion or guilt.

Dreams are understood at the level which you are ready to accept. If you don't get the message one night another dream will come along another time to present the message again using the same or perhaps different symbology. Click for client testimonials ...

In Ancient times, the dreamers of the tribe would gather to unweave the dreamweb that Great Spirit had given them as guidance. They sat in circle, sharing their insights into the meaning of each other's dreams. Through their collective wisdom, Great Spirit guided and protected the tribe.

Today, Dream Circle is an honoring of the ancient tradition, sharing the same purpose and intent. A desire to share and receive insights is more important than technical knowledge of interpretation. Carol leads dream circle on special occasions for groups of 10 or more.

Did you know that dreams generally center around only a few issues? These are:
  • right and wrong
  • attraction and fears
  • life and death
  • love and hate
  • masculine and feminine
  • freedom and security
One way of arriving at a correct interpretation is to see what your overall feelings about the dream are. Summarize what went on in the general plot of the dream. Look for areas in your life where the feelings about the dream best apply. Concentrate on action words that best describe your dream.

About Dream Symbols ..

There is sometimes a tendency to interpret dream symbols, which are common in everyday life, literally. For instance a dream symbol of your mother might at first have a literal meaning but it might refer to one of her traits, perhaps kindness, concern, nervousness, or criticism. It might be that this trait is in you or someone close to you. The mother image may be for a broader application such as mother earth or the need to be mothered.

Look for symbols that are recurrent. You will often see symbols show up time and time again in dreams such as locations, people, animals, dates, money, or time.

It's best to keep track of recurrent symbols in a dream glossary. Analyze each symbol to determine significant attitudes, feelings, and descriptions that go along with each. You may want to ask yourself the following questions about each symbol:
  • What do I associate with it?
  • How do I feel about it?
  • What else does it remind me of?
Certain symbols tend to have similar interpretations from person to person. This is due partially to the fact that people go through similar learning experiences.

Common Dream Symbols

The following symbols, and their associated meanings, should be used as suggestions in helping interpret your dreams. Most are based on research collected in regard to the collective unconscious and the more common interpretations that are usually encountered. Please be aware that specific applications may not be any of the suggested interpretations. They are useful only to stimulate your own thinking about the symbols and their context.

As with any symbol, ask yourself: What does this remind me of? Asking yourself this one question will give you answers to many of your dream questions.

No one can tell you what your dream means. I can only ask you the questions that the answers you give can reveal what your dream is trying to tell you. Only you can know what a symbol represents. These are merely sugestions as to where you might start looking.

The following 2 lists of symbols - places or objects, and color symbols) are by no means a complete list nor are they meant to be. Please refer to Resources & Links for books and websites on this subject.

Places or Objects
  • Basement - the foundation of a situation, or where a problem stems from ... the basement represents also the unconscious, where it generally is dark or least dimmer than the rest of the house/house. Also represents whats beneath the waist, if you look at the house as your body.
  • Bathroom - usually represents the need to eliminate or clean up a situation.
  • Bedroom - either resting or making love.
  • Cars - your body or your life. Is the car in your dream a wreck or in sound working condition? or does it need a lot of work? Is it out of control? Driving is an important action indicating control. Who is driving ? You or someone else? If you are not your own car it may mean that you do not feel you are in control of your own life. Are you safely? Or recklessly? Pay attention to these types of dreams. They can be indicative of behaving in a way that can hurt your future direction in life.
  • Dining room or kitchen - a need for nurturing or to be nurtured
  • House - represents your life or your body:
    • If the house is on fire it may be that you may have a fever or maybe you're just too hot while you are sleeping.
    • If someone is breaking into your house, this may symbolize on a physical level that a germ or illness is trying to break into your body.
    • If you are a female, on an emotional level it can mean that you may be feeling resentful of having sex when you really don't want to.
    • If the house is a terrible mess you may need to clean something up.
  • Running away - not ready to face a fear. That may be something that happened in the past that you have repressed or something you're afraid of now in the present that you're not yet ready to face or perhaps it's something you're worried about happening in the future and you'd prefer not to face it if possible.
  • Road - the direction you are headed in life, so it's important to understand the conditions of your journey.
    • Smooth road on a clear day - your life sounds stable and unobstructed.
    • Bumpy road/ under construction - life direction is under repair. Life is no longer smooth
    • Hi-way, freeway, expressway, this is an easy time for you, everything seems to be moving along and you're going places fast!
  • School usually shows up in two situations:
    1. Being in a class you haven't attend all semester and there's a test going on as you arrive, or
    2. You're late for school, when you finally get to your locker you've forgotten the combination.
    Both situations are "performance anxiety" related. In either situation there's a lesson you need to learn.
  • Toilets running over, need to eliminate something from your life or perhaps from your diet.
  • Water represents our emotions or consciousness.
  • Magenta - separation trauma or abandonment issue.
  • Maroon - trauma in the womb, or possibly a miscarriage trauma.
  • Red - a change of lifestyle, change of life, or a trauma involving moving to another home or job.
  • Pink - trauma related to betrayal in love.
  • Orange - sexually related trauma
  • Beige - being stuck. The person feels that no matter what they do it won't change anything.
  • A no win situation.
  • Yellow - undecided, or difficulty or fear making a decision
  • Gold - trauma related to self-hatred. Not keeping your word to yourself.
  • Green - bitterness, resentment, envy or jealousy.
  • Turquoise - competition trauma. Why not me?
  • Blue - disappointment
  • Indigo - rebellion trauma. Indicating problems related to authority without your consent.
  • Purple - trauma related to an authority figure, that has your consent. This can be related to a
  • boss or religious leader. Can be related to any aggressive, overbearing person.
  • Lilac - trauma related to the way you look.
  • White - trauma of feeling incomplete about a situation. It may be a moral dilemma, or a love relationship gone bad.
  • Gray - Mother trauma.
  • Silver - money trauma. Material loss
  • Brown - attachment trauma, such as being overly attached to a person or thing.
  • Black - Father trauma.

Get Your Dream Interpreted!
Carol interprets all dreams over the phone.

To make an appointment:
  • Call Carol (preferred) at (520) 792-4323.
  • Send e-mail with suggested times for appointments, to which Carol will reply with a confirmed appointment time. You then call (520)792-4323 at that appointed time. To get the most of your appointment you may wish to send your dream in advance of the appointment via e-mail or by mail if paying with a check or money order.
Payment is accepted in form of:
  • Credit card, by phone at time of service or through e-mail prior to service.
  • Check, to Carol Cummings, PO Box 87114, Tucson, AZ, 85754-7114. Please note the check MUST be received prior to your appointment.
  • Money order, to Carol Cummings, PO Box 87114, Tucson, AZ, 85754-7114. Please note the money order MUST be received prior to your appointment.

Personal Dream interpretations

Dream Interpretation, Astrology, AstrologerUsually takes 20 minutes
Dream Interpretation, Astrology, AstrologerIf the dream takes longer than 20 minutes then the time is billed in 15 minute increments.($22.50, $45, $67.50)
Dream Interpretation, Astrology, AstrologerBy phone, payment by credit card, 520-792-4323
Dream Interpretation, Astrology, AstrologerBy email, payment by credit card, or
Dream Interpretation, Astrology, AstrologerSnail mail, payment by check or money order.
Dream Interpretation, Astrology, Astrologer $90/hour,
minimum $22.50

Dream Circle gatherings

Dream Interpretation, Astrology, AstrologerCall for exact dates and times.

RSVP: 520-792-4323

Dream Study Groups

Dream Interpretation, Astrology, AstrologerCall for exact dates and times.

$15 a person
RSVP: 520-792-4323
Dream Interpretation, Astrology 

Clients Who've Had Dreams Interpreted Say ..

"You are great at dream interpretation. So fluent. Next time I call I'm taping it for my therapist. He should take lessons from you! I shared your interpretations with him at my last session and he was really impressed with your symbolisms."
P.M., Monroe, Mi

"I won't forget the day that you just listened to me. Although I'm enclosing a check for your dream interpretation it will never cover what you did for me that afternoon."
T.V., Nogales, Mexico

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