In-Depth Reading $250

A 90 minute digitally recorded reading in which Carol gives a unique birth chart interpretation looking at past life patterns and the soul’s unfinished business.  She focuses on Why you are here; Where you are headed; and What keeps you repeating the same patterns over and over. She uses the astrological birth chart as a tool, along with the training she has received and the gift of clairvoyance she was born with, to “read” a person’s past, present and future. She will also include an overview of what’s coming up for you in the next 12 months. Knowing these cycles ahead of time prepares one to take advantage of opportunities or be prepared for making choices. You will know where to focus your energy or attention.

What is included in this In-Depth reading:

  • Natal Chart
  • Natal Chart Report – approximately a 20 page explanation of the birth chart including  personality traits, hidden aspects of the psyche,  early psychological influences and one’s emotional needs and fears
  • Annual Daily Forecast Report – This invaluable report of approximately 100 pages gives you daily advice in chronological order as to what to expect. The less common influences will not only provide information on what to expect but what the positive outcomes can be,what the negative outcomes can be and specific recommendations for you.This is a comprehensive guide for the year ahead.This annual forecast report is printed, bound, hand starred, highlighted and sent by mail
  • 15 minutes of free follow-up time – provided for you to ask questions anytime up to 6 months after your reading.
  • Digital recording of the session – The audio recording of the reading is sent to you electronically by email.

 The following information is required for an astrology reading
1. Birth date
2. Birth time (from the birth certificate or birth announcement)
3. City, State of your birth. and Country if you were born outside the USA

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