Dreams are messages from our subconscious regarding issues we are facing in our lives.  They can be teaching dreams, psychic or precognitive dreams, or just sorting out dreams.  By using the combined gifts of intuition and empathy and years of training and experience, Carol will gently guide you to understanding the underlying messages behind you dreams. She provides professional insight into the meaning of your dreams. 

Learning to interpret our dreams teaches us the inner workings of our mind. Dreams are a reflection of what is taking place within you. They often focus on what important things are being ignored in daily life. If an aspect of personality is suppressed it is common for dreams to center around that very issue-even creating confusion or guilt.

Dreams are understood at the level which you are ready to accept. If you don’t get the message one night another dream will come along another time to present the message again using the same or perhaps different symbology.

Did you know that dreams generally center around only a few issues? These are:

  • right and wrong
  • attraction and fears
  • life and death
  • love and hate
  • masculine and feminine
  • freedom and security

One way of arriving at a correct interpretation is to see what your overall feelings about the dream are. Summarize what went on in the general plot of the dream. Look for areas in your life where the feelings about the dream best apply. Concentrate on action words that best describe your dream.  

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