Friends and Family cosmic connection report

Cosmic Connection Reports $45
This is a new unique service I am offering. The reports are based on an algorithm of Astrology, Numerology and the seven 52 day cycles that begin with your birthday. The reports not only describe each person individually but also gives you the top 10 soul connections you have between the two of you. The first through the third connections are the most potent but all 10 connections are valid. Do you want to know why you are together?
What are your past lives together? What are the biggest challenges between you? Why is it so easy to be with one parent or sibling or child and challenging to be with another?

All I need to provide your report is the birth-date. No birth time is required. No birth Place such as City and State is required. If you have the day and month of their birth you can get a report.

The  birth-date and first and last name of each individual is all that is required.

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