Dream Interpretation, Astrology

In Ancient times, the dreamers of the tribe would gather to unweave the dreamweb that Great Spirit had given them as guidance. They sat in circle, sharing their insights into the meaning of each other’s dreams. Through their collective wisdom, Great Spirit guided and protected the tribe. Today, Dream Circle is an honoring of the ancient tradition.  A desire to share and receive insights in a sacred atmosphere is the only prerequisite. No formal knowledge of dream interpretation is required for participation. However, through regular practice this can lead to an opening of your own intuitive gifts.

Carol leads dream circle for groups of 6, but no more than 10.

Circles begin at 7pm and end when all dreams have been interpreted.

If you are interested in participating please contact Carol be added to the list of potential participants.  You will also be given site information once you are registered.

These are done in person only.  They have been postponed due to Covid-19.

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