Clients Who’ve Worked Personally With Carol Say ..

“Carol, I give thanks that God has graced me with you in my life.
You are a great comfort and you help me understand.”
S.S., Tucson, AZ

Dream Interpretation, Astrology, Astrologer“Thank you so much for your goodness. Because you create space of openness and allowing. I am learning to be less afraid to be more of me. You are truly an inspiration and role model. You are truly a powerful being.”
M.R. San Francisco, Ca

Dream Interpretation, Astrology, Astrologer“You are strong, and loving, kind and honest. You have touched my life and I will always be changed for the better because of knowing you.”
N.S., Tucson, Az

Clients Who’ve Had Astrology Readings Say ..

“You did my chart. For your information, you were so very correct about everything. I was a skeptic, but you were so good that I took my tape to my psychotherapist. It was an invaluable source of insight for me.”
T.G., Concord, OHDream Interpretation, Astrology, Astrologer

“Just a quick note to let you know how absolutely awesome I think your reading was! Your insight is irreplaceable but, moreover your radiance is extraordinary!”

T.V., Dallas, TX

“Thank you. The reading was very enlightening, really on target, helping me to better understand my husband.”
L.S., Cleveland Heights, OH

“I just wanted to thank you again for the reading. I really enjoyed it. It’s made a significant impact on my outlook on life already. You are a very talented and special person!”
B.Y., Tucson, AZ

” Carol, you are a tremendous comfort and support and I feel so much more at ease since the reading. In my opinion you are the best in town and a lot of that has do to with your psychic input as well. To me that’s critical for a more accurate reading!”
C.P., Tucson, AZ

“I had to write to you to tell you how special I felt our encounter was. The passion you have for Astrology and the energy and the love you give without hesitation is so beautiful. Just meeting you and listening to you speak not only of my life but of life’s universal experiences and your own personal ones was so inspiring. Your words so profoundly affected me; giving so much insight and possible answers to pains and questions no therapist, nor I alone could ever touch on. I just had to thank you. I feel such a sense of peace now.”
J.L., Tucson, AZ

“Thank you for sharing your special gift with me! I was delighted with my reading.”
K.H., Phoenix, AZ

“Thank you for the clarity your work offers.”
S.G., Crystal lake, IL

“Boy, your reading was right on! Thank you for your incredible wisdom and clarity. You convey such deep compassion and peace, thank you for sharing it with me!
S.W., Beachwood, OH

“Thank you for being at our grand opening to give readings Friday night. I think you could have been here all week! Everyone enjoyed it and I’ve been asked many times if you were coming back.”
Christopher Barnes, BORDERS BOOKS, Glendale, Az

“I do find the notebook you give with your readings helpful”
M.M., Chicago, IL

“I was AMAZED at how accurately described I was via your interpreting my astrological signs. I find I understand me better. How bound we are to the universe and its creator! I don’t look to the future via the stars but I acknowledge an influence, one that I choose to sublimate to Higher Power to direct.”
E.D., Chagrin Falls, OH

“Your reading was amazingly on target”
J.P., Euclid, OH

“Thank you for the fine job of interpreting my horoscope. Your taped personal comments and insights were of special interest. You are truly intuitive! I value your interpretations of my coming year ahead”
D.G., Mentor, OH

Clients Who’ve Had Dreams Interpreted Say ..

“You are great at dream interpretation. So fluent. Next time I call I’m taping it for my therapist. He should take lessons from you! I shared your interpretations with him at my last session and he was really impressed with your symbolisms.”
P.M., Monroe, Mi

“I won’t forget the day that you just listened to me. Although I’m enclosing a check for your dream interpretation it will never cover what you did for me that afternoon.”
T.V., Nogales, Mexico

“Had a great time at your dream workshop. I learned a lot and am even more open to dreams.”
T. J., Concord, OH

“Great to talk to you about my dreams. Very helpful. You’re a wonderful therapist. Talking to you inspired more dreaming, I love it!
L.E., Oceanside, CA